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Local self-government units trained to conduct analysis of the local labour market needs
15 June 2017

At a time of rapid technological change, understanding labour market dynamics and the supply and demand for skills is vital for societies and governments alike. The EU-funded project for “Enhancing lifelong learning” has therefore organised a three-day workshop titled “Building capacities of the employees from the local self-government units for preparing analysis of the local labour market needs”, that took place in Gardenia Hotel in Veles from 13 to 15 of June 2017.

The workshop was attended by 11 representatives from local municipalities, the NGO sector and workers’ universities from the region of Skopje, the East and North-East of the country and the Polog region.  

The training team, Mr. Visar Ademi, Mr. Aleksandar Kostadinov and Ms. Neda Maleska Sachmaroska, have elaborated and discussed with participants over several relevant topics tied to: strategic leadership, policy making and policy skills in labour market analysis; setting the vision for labour market development; analysis and use of evidence as a basis for labour market research and analysis; preparation for market research; tools and methodologies for predicting the environment; conducting a primary data research; communication with stakeholders; and preparing reports, policy briefs and papers.

The participants, working as a group, during the workshop have conducted data research and prepared sector analyses for the Tourism Sector in Skopje and for the Construction Sector in Veles, that local authorities could easily apply in real conditions.

Having fact-based research about local market trends will allow local self-government units to identify present and future labour force issues, identify professional profiles and skills in demand, and then work with partners in educational institutions in initiating and developing programs that fit the market requirements.