Info for students

Are you finishing primary school and looking at your next steps? Are you looking to learn quickly and be able to earn your own money in 2-3 years? Are you interested in learning something that is relevant to the labor market so that you have a greater chance of getting a job?


Then you should enroll in one of the VET schools in the country. They are now based on reformed VET profiles connected to the actual needs of the labor market and the predicted future trends. With it you will be suitably educated and learn the skills to fit effectively in the employment market!

The benefits of joining a VET school are:

  • The reformed profiles are made according to the labour market – some are removed, some are revised and new ones are included so that students can only study what is relevant to the labour market; 
  • The training curricula is enhanced;
  • Better cooperation with the employers is established so that more practical work is assured, and what is learned at school is more related to what the employers need; 
  • At the end of the education, the students gain the specific vocational competence that the employers are asking for; 
  • More soft skills are included so that we prepare you to adapt more quickly to the constant changes in an increasingly interconnected world;
  • For the first time, modules are created which allow you to combine parts of the education that suits you best and build around it; 
  • The teachers are trained to implement the reforms and “student centred learning” is introduced which assures more active learning process; 
  • Now, career advisors are included in the VET schools to help you with your career decisions;
  • The vocational education is now in line with the European Qualification Framework one so that what you learn is applicable anywhere in Europe!  
Join a VET school, where your future is in your hands!