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Sanja Arizanov: We have organised the first ever Paediatric First Aid training for nannies
20 October 2017

The Macedonian Association of Nannies on 16 of October 2017 has started with implementation of the pilot-training for Paediatric First Aid for children's caregivers. This is the first historic step in strengthening and professionalization of the child caregiving service.    

The training program and working materials were developed in frames of the EU-funded project “Enhancing Lifelong Learning through Modernising the Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education Systems”, implemented by the British Council.  

Thanks to the mutual cooperation and the hard work, today we can be proudly say that we have achieved to develop a high quality, modern and practical training for first aid to children. The programme is structured in modules, in accordance with the National and the European Qualifications Framework, which would allow the participants to gain new skills and competencies, but also mobility. The entire programme incorporates five modules: Paediatric First Aid, First Aid for caregivers to elderly people, First Aid for Firefighters, First Aid for water rescuers, and First Aid at the work place. Each module stands as e separate training programme that would enable the attendees to gain competencies applicable to the professional activities they perform.

The Paediatric First Aid is of utmost importance. Each and every professional nanny and caregiver carries great responsibility. In fact, parents entrust their most precious things to nannies – their child. While the nanny takes care of the child, she is responsible for its wellbeing and development, but most importantly for its safety. Regular first aid training will assure the parents that, if necessary, the nanny will be capable to provide fast and timely first aid and proper treatment to their child.  

Most common dangers for children and causes of injures include: falling, drowning (the most common threat for children under the age of 5), injuries during transport (either as a passenger or pedestrian), injuries during riding a bicycle (falling off of bicycle is the main cause for serious injuries on the head and the limbs), suffocation and poisoning.  

Accidental and incidental injuries could not be always prevented, but our fast actions and reactions could make significant difference in reducing the gravity of the injuries and preventing serious consequences.

While most of us live their lives believing that we would remain unaffected by tragedy, every day we face a reality where accident happen, especially when we least expect them. Other people might not be able to help, and the ambulance would need some time to arrive. sometime minutes, or even seconds can make a big difference. In such cases, a nanny that knows exactly what needs to be done will be able to help reduce the consequences of the accident, and in some situations even safe the child’s life.   

Our First Aid training enables nannies to acquire key skills and competencies, but also readiness and courage to act in those seconds that could be vital for saving the lives of our children.

The existent laws do not require a mandatory first aid training for nannies working inside families’ homes, nor for the caregivers that work in day-care centres and private kindergartens. Considering the importance of the first aid skills for prevention of serious injuries, and even death, we appeal to the institutions in charge to consider the adopting the proposal for introduction of mandatory first aid training for all caregivers. This proposal applies not only to the nannies, but also to caregivers to elderly persons, and all other professional profiles that envisage working directly with people.

We would like to use this opportunity to express gratitude to the British Council, as a leading implementing partner of the project, to the Ministry of Education and Science, the Adult Education Centre, the VET Centre, as well as the team of experts we had the pleasure to cooperate with.  


Sanja Arizanov

Macedonian Association of Nannies